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What Drives Your Market Research Costs?

When you know the cost drivers of any business you put yourself in a position where you can get the best by investing where you will get the best outcome.  The same is also true when you commission market research or undertake it internally.  Understanding cost drivers means you can feel more confident that when you are commissioning research it will be within budget and it will deliver against your objectives.

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Writing Motivating Product Claims

Imagine you are on holiday and you need to buy milk.  Nothing fancy; just milk.   After entering a store, you find your way to where the milk is kept.  There are three brands and none of them are familiar to you.  They also all have a same price for the size that you want.  Which would you buy?  What if one of the brands cost more, would you want to know why?

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Creating Persuasive Communication

It is a truism of marketing that you need to match your message with your customers’ mindset.  Understanding their mindset helps us to understand why a feature is valued and how to frame those features to create persuasive communication.  So how do we go about understanding a consumer’s mindset in such a way that helps us craft persuasive communication?

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Using Market Insights in a Brand Reputation Crises

It seems like every week another company who you would think would know better, finds a new and creative way to undermine their business through unethical practices, unchecked rogue employees, or just finding they are seriously out of steps with the values of the rest of society.  Brand reputation, that most precious of business assets that take years to establish, can quickly disappear.

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How Perceptions of Choice Risk Shape Brand Choice

Brand choice is about prediction.  What will the brand deliver? While a brand could deliver many things, rarely is anything certain.  Consumers know this, and where there is uncertainty it is a driver of many of their emotions during and after making a decision.   While a consumer may not always voice their choices in terms of managing risk associated with uncertainty, we see it in their behaviour; we see it in their brand choices.

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Using Customer Insights to Build a Customer Centric Business

Becoming a customer-centric business seems simple enough in principle; keep your customers at the centre of your business decision making.  What that means in practice is something else.  Among the many reasons business fail to become customer-centric is that their customer understanding does reflect what drives customer behaviour.

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Going Mobile with Market Research

Mobile devices are increasingly used to complete surveys that were traditionally completed on personal computer.  In a number of our recent general population studies the proportion of people completing a survey with a mobile device is 25% to 30% and with 69% of adults having a smartphone the proportion using their smartphone to complete a survey is likely to increase.

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What If Market Research Reports used Click Bait Titles?

In the past few years the insight industry has looked at debated almost every facet of what we do in order to better understand consumers and deliver insights that are actionable and engaging.  This tongue-in-cheek post plays with the idea that maybe we need to write more engaging report titles.

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