Product & Offer Development

Product development and innovation is critical to the long term success.

Success in new product and service development comes from having the right insights to leverage in designing the successful offer, experience, strategy and execution. We work with clients at each stage of their product development cycle to embed a clear understanding of the insights into the drivers of choice, consumption and adoption so that they can discover, define, design, and launch successfully.

What we do

Market Sizing & Segmentation

Determine the market potential, how the market is structured and the segments with the greatest opportunity. Working with survey data and other data sources we create models that help build the business case through a detailed understanding of the market.

Ideation & Concept Testing

From collaborating with clients to the development of concepts and initial testing, we help to increase the chances of success by helping to uncover the concepts with the strongest chances of success and to understand what drives or inhibits their chances of success.

Offer Optimisation

With new products or refining existing offers we deliver insights into what features drive choice and how benefits are traded-off so that clients can develop products that have the strongest chances of success.

Price Setting

Setting the right price needs to reflect client objectives for penetration and profitability, their business model and how the market trades-off benefits. Using a breadth of techniques we tailor our approach to help clients find the price for achieving their objectives.

Post-Launch Evaluation

Even when successful, rarely does a launch go to plan. Understanding the reasons for success or failure is critical to determining the future support for the product and success of future launches.

Case Studies & Insights

Driving sales with customer experience

How can a mature business turn around their declining retail sales?  By creating a distinctive in-store customer experience that is based on a deep understanding of the customer journey that is distinctive and encourages customers to return. Businesses can always...

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Cutting through the clutter to engage with GPs

How can a government agency clearly communicate and engage with doctors about training and staying up to date with the latest evidence-based practices?  By designing an approach that understood how medicine-related communication and training were prioritised, managed...

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Engaging with industry for course development

How can a vocational education provider meet industry needs and provide a pathway that will attract fee paying students?  By developing an offer that understands employer needs, market trends and what motivates students to commit to professional development. For a...

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