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eris strategy is a  market research  company & strategy agency that supports clients to improve customer expereince, market growth & deliver change.


We help our clients with research that uncovers their sources of market growth through the use of the latest in behavioural science and management thinking.  With these insights we help clients to deliver strategies that create growth opportunities through communication, product development & service delivery...

Market Research Company Sydney 

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Solutions for Your Business

Market research is an invaluable tool for your business. In a world awash with data, gaining insights on customers and competition is crucial in all aspects for a customer-centric company. From understanding your customers to analysing what your competitors are doing, market research provides insights that help you achieve business growth and drive your business.
Eris Strategy, a leading market research company in Sydney, will help you uncover the sources of market growth that allow you to focus your marketing efforts, utilise advantageous opportunities, and make informed decisions.
Recognised as one of the leading market research companies in Sydney, we empower you with intelligent insights that assist you in effective decision making. We are committed to providing high-quality data collection and market research services that significantly impact the growth of your business. With our market research, we help you identify and re-frame your business problems and provide solutions to the most challenging business situations.

Expert Market Research Services From Qualified Professionals

We are among the best market research companies in Sydney and employ an 11-step process to grasp what defines your market and how you can improve your sales in a competitive landscape. Our team collaborates with you to create evidence-based strategies built on clear marketing insights. We provide our clients with a depth of understanding for actionable recommendations that help them understand their business and improve business performance.
Eris Strategy, rated as the best market research company in Australia, has experience working across industries providing valuable insights, designing and implementing strategies based on evidence that changes business behaviour and drives results. Our market research brings brands, businesses, and people together to create opportunities and solve problems.

Looking for the latest market research solutions to help optimise your product, brand, or service? We’ve got you covered! As a leading market research agency in Sydney, we help our customers understand their business market and help them make informed decisions through innovation and evidence-based insights.

If you are searching for premier market research companies in Australia that provide top-notch results, get in touch with us. We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in Australia with our custom market research solutions that assisted them in getting an edge over their competition.
Transforming Your Business through Innovation and Insights!

We help our clients through market research to improve customer experience and sources of growth through the use of the latest in behavioural science and management thinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps in doing market research?

Although marketing and business are constantly changing, one thing remains constant: the need for insights market research. Organisations can use market research to establish marketing strategies better and analyse business decisions using data. As one of the best market research companies in Sydney, Eris Strategy uses eleven steps for market research, and they are:

  1. Clearly define your business problem
  2. Determine your research objectives and information needs
  3. Understand your constraints
  4. Define the target market for the research
  5. Determine your analysis framework
  6. Select the right methodology
  7. Design your research instruments
  8. Collect and process the data
  9. Analyse your data
  10. Develop actionable recommendations
  11. Tell the insight story

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How much does market research cost?

The cost of market research is determined by the project’s size and scope. While there is no such thing as an “average cost” for market research, it is helpful to know what factors influence the price.

  • The method used capture data
  • Ease of finding and getting the right people
  • Analysis complexity (amount of variables and techniques used)
  • Strategic consulting
  • Parts of the research process undertaken by the market research agency

Some clients may need only some parts of a project designed and managed by an agency.  In our Sydney market research agency, we can tailor what consulting and project management needs best suit our client needs and capabilities.

What are the benefits of market research?

Market research helps the development of an effective marketing strategy. Most product launches fail and a large part of  advertising spending is wasted,. So that you don’t fail and can achieve the best results market research is essential for businesses to make well-informed decisions. If you are looking for a reliable market research company in Sydney, then Eris Strategy is the best option.

How to get the best out of market research?

Market research is used by successful businesses to stay on top of trends, make smarter business decisions, and preserve their company’s competitive advantage. Whether you’re launching a new product or managing a business for growth, you need get your market research that:

  • Helps you change behaviour,
  • Is focussed on a business problem you that need to solve ,
  • Why do you need to solve this problem,
  • What information you need to make a decision and implement a strategy,
  • How you will use the information,
  • When you need the information,)

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What are the types of market research?

There are many different types of market research.  You can define research by the type of data – qualitative or quantitative – however, a better approach is to focus on what your market research needs to help you.  With a decision centric approach, there are three main ways to define the types of market research:

  • Exploratory
  • Evaluate
  • Forecasting

Exploratory research helps you understand the landscape of a market when creating a strategy.  Evaluation research helps to understand the effectiveness of your strategy and forecasting research looks to the future or the causes of behaviour.

What market research should you do?

To run a successful business, you need to learn about the market, your customers and what you need to do grow your business.  Although different businesses will need different insights at different times, a good place to start understanding what  market research you need is addressing the 7 Ps of marketing.

  1. What product should you offer?
  2. What brand strategy should you use?
  3. What packaging or physical evidence do you need?
  4. Where do you need to offer product (place)?
  5. What price will drive the sales outcome that you need?
  6. Who you need to motivate (consumers and stakeholders)?
  7. How should consumers experience your customer journey?

This does not over everything.  Each business has their own unique needs.  To understand what market research you should do, speak with Eris Strategy.