Insight Methods

Research tools to match your objectives and information needs. With an international network of research field-work suppliers we undertake international and multi-country research.

We believe that great insights come from great research design and that this design comes from an understanding of how people make decisions and behave. To find these insights we employ a range of field methods in consumer, social and business research. Not relying on a single approach, we are skilled in multi-method approaches that provide the true insight story for effective strategy development.

Qualitative research approaches

Focus Groups

Working with our network of experienced researchers we can deliver large and small projects nationally and internationally.

Personal & Depth Interviews

Personal interviewing provides the ability to clearly capture specific decision making contexts and depth of understanding. This approach is ideal for highly sensitive information and when depth of understanding is needed.

Participant Observation & Ethnography

Uncovering insights during the decision making or consumption process, we employ this approach when context and behaviour is critical.

Online Research Groups & Forums

Access to difficult to reach participants, the ability to tailor questions to individuals and the ability for participants to give considered responses are all benefits of online research groups.

Case Study Method

Staff and stakeholder interviews, combined with analysis of industry and internal data sources, our case study approach provides insights into complex organisational decision making.

Quantitative research approaches

Surveys & Observation Methods

Surveying and observation methods have undergone significant changes in recent years. We regularly undertake research using online, mobile, personal and telephone surveys as well as passive observation and active observation methods to give robust analysis.

Data Analytics

Working with client, industry, government and third party data sources we employ an insights and outcome driven approach to data analytics.


Improvements in technology allow access to technology once only available in research laboratories. We use facial coding to capture emotional reactions to communication and other stimuli, as well as eye tracking technology for understanding what drives attention.

Marketing Mix (Econometrics)

Understanding the ROI of marketing, sales and other factors on sales or other customer behaviour is central to business success. We undertake analysis which delivers clear and concise understanding into market dynamics to improve resource allocation.

Case Studies & Insights

What Drives Your Market Research Costs?

When you know the cost drivers of any business you put yourself in a position where you can get the best by investing where you will get the best outcome.  The same is also true when you commission market research or undertake it internally.  Understanding cost drivers means you can feel more confident that when you are commissioning research it will be within budget and it will deliver against your objectives.
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Using Insights to Build a Customer Centric Business

Becoming a customer-centric business seems simple enough in principle; keep your customers at the centre of your business decision making.  What that means in practice is something else.  Among the many reasons business fail to become customer-centric is that their customer understanding does reflect what drives customer behaviour.
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