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The lasting memory customers have of your brand and business is of their customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping Research

A well designed and managed customer experience drives business growth through improved retention, cross-selling, lower customer servicing costs, and customer acquisition from recommendations. For this reason, businesses should consult a customer experience research agency to provide valuable insights that can lead to increased exposure, growth and profits. From mapping the customer journey to monitoring performance, we work with clients to create a service experience that delivers outcomes. Our customer journey mapping consulting services will help you enhance customer satisfaction and, in turn, lead to keeping your current customers and retaining new ones.

What we do

Mapping the Customer Journey

Where does your customers’ journey begin? What are the critical moments-of-truth that determine a lost sale or customer satisfaction? Improving service outcomes for customers and the business starts with understanding what customers experience. When working with clients, our approach to understanding the customer experience is anchored in understanding what the customer does, what information they use, their motivations, and decisions that they make. To understand the journey and consequences, we work with clients to integrate different insight sources and research methods that provide our clients with the tools they need to achieve their objectives.

Service Quality & Satisfaction Evaluation

Businesses that understand their customers’ experience have a competitive advantage. By helping our clients understand their customers’ experience with their products and services, we help our clients improve customer retention and reduce costs. When designing a framework for evaluating the customer experience we design end-to-end processes that cost-effectively capture critical feedback from customers at those points in the business relationship that matter the most, with a reporting system that delivers timely actionable insights. Our approaches cover both relationship and transaction level service experiences.

Lost Customer Analysis

Why do your customers leave? Customer churn can have a large impact on businesses costs, forcing a business to make short-term sales decisions that can further reduce customer retention and erode profitability. Customers loss can occur because of a wide range of reasons that do not always relate to service failure and may be driven by the broader contextual factors. Our approach in uncovering the real reasons for customers leaving is to look beyond superficial reasons and to incorporate a wide range of data sources that can show personal versus structural reasons that drive customer loss. Depending on client needs, our approaches cover data analytics, qualitative, quantitative and tracking methods.

User Experience (UX)

The digital experience is critical defining experience for many consumers, even for a business with a non-digital business model. It is with a business website, apps or other tools that customers learn about, buy, or use your service. With reduced access to customer service staff, getting the digital experience right is even more critical. Working with clients, we use a variety of techniques to provide the needed insights to improve their user experience and provide the insights that inspire disruptive innovation.

Case Studies & Insights

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