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Great brands are made over time through insight, creativity and consistent marketing.

Through messaging, media selection communication and packaging, a distinctive brand is an asset that magnifies the benefits of other business activity, providing a source of sustainable advantage. We work with our clients to help them create and manage distinctive brands with insights that uncover the right positioning and communication strategy.

Using the latest in biometrics we help. clients to understand how to best emotionally engage with their communication.

What we do

Brand Positioning

Working with clients to understand how to create a distinctive positioning for their brands through understanding how the market sees their brand and which potential alternative approaches are the most motivating to engage and increase preference.

Brand Asset Audit

Brand assets are those things that identify your brand and its meaning. When used well consumers quickly know who you are; delivering improved communication effectiveness. We help clients to find, develop, manage and give meaning to their brand assets.

Creative Development & Pre-Testing

We help clients at each stage of creative development. Providing actionable recommendations for strategy and tactical creative improvements. Our pre-testing approaches use the latest biometric technology to understand moment by moment how consumers engage with their communication.

Packaging & Design

Packaging and design is the major form of communication for many products. We help clients create packaging that gets attention and communicates the brand positioning.

Brand Tracking & Campaign Evaluation

We help clients establish metrics and to understand the impact of the campaigns on their brand and business performance.

Case Studies & Insights

Driving sales with customer experience

How can a mature business turn around their declining retail sales?  By creating a distinctive in-store customer experience that is based on a deep understanding of the customer journey that is distinctive and encourages customers to return. Businesses can always...

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Building brand assets for packaging and online

What can a grocery brand do to stand out in the crowded weight management and supplements market with only a small budget?  By making sure that their brand maximises every opportunity by being distinctive, memorable and tells a relevant brand story. Our client’s brand...

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Finding new insights to revitalise a mature category

How can a consumer goods and healthcare business breath new life into their dying brand?  By developing a strategy and product offer that is based on a clear understanding of the category from the consumers’ perspective, and how this really drives market penetration,...

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