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Great brands are created with creativity and consistent support that are underpinned by great insight.

Brand Market Research

Through messaging, media selection communication and packaging, a distinctive brand is an asset that delivers value to the business and consumers. A strong brand is also a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Eris Strategy is not your typical brand research company. We equip our clients with advantageous awareness through conducting brand market research. This helps our clients to create distinctive brands by providing insights that uncover the right positioning and branding elements that can become valuable assets.

What we do

Brand Positioning

In crowded markets, consumers need ways to make sense of the options and to choose your brand. Getting close to the consumer, we help our clients understand who their real competitors are and how consumers see each brand. With an understanding of what motivates consumers and our clients brand purpose, our brand research approach helps clients uncover the positioning that increases their chances of being considered and chosen. Understanding a brand’s positioning means understanding what consumers seek from the category, brands, and the role they play in the broader needs of consumers. We then work with clients to define how they can communicate their distinctive positioning through messaging, packaging, brand assets, and communication.

Brand Asset Development

Brand assets are those design elements that identify your brand and give it meaning. These assets are the be the symbols, colours, styles, sounds, and characters that uniquely identify your brand. When used well, brand assets allow consumers to identify your brand in communication and buying situations quickly. Working with clients, we can identify their true brand assets and how clients can leverage these assets to add further meaning to their brands.

Creative Development & Pre-Testing

Getting communication right is critical to brand success.  Communication conveys the brand’s positioning and it needs to persuade consumers to change their behaviour . . . buy your brand.  From holistic qualitative approaches to using biometrics to understand moment-by-moment engagement, our approaches provide the insights our clients need to shape communication at a strategic level to providing actionable recommendations at the execution level.

Packaging Development

Packaging and design not only provides a major form of communication for many products, but it is also part of the product experience. By understanding how consumers engage with the category, choose between brands, and use products, we help our clients create packaging that stands-out and communicates their brand positioning.

Brand Tracking & Campaign Evaluation

Done right brand tracking and campaign evaluation research provides a continuous source of market insight for brand, communication and product development.  At a business level, tracking research can provide key measures for determining marketing investment.  Different markets, business sizes and brand support require tailored solutions.  Our approach is to reflect both our client’s insight needs and their market context, and to incorporate sales and marketing activity into a framework that gives our clients a cause and effect understanding of their marketing investment.   

Case Studies & Insights

Bank and Financial Services Market Research

Few industries have undergone as many disruptive changes as the banking and financial services industry within the past twenty years.  Once an industry that prided itself on predictability, and hidden behind government regulation, each bank had almost identical...

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Using Insights to Grow a Family Planning Brand | Case Study

Women’s personal health is a complex category where functional, emotional, and cultural needs intersect with personal identity. When in comes to family planning, these competing dynamics are intrinsic to a brands success. We gave our client the deep insights that they...

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