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Leverage our experience to increase your insight capability and capacity for delivering ongoing actionable insights into the heart of your business.

Successfully implementing insight lead projects and delivering ongoing sustainable competitive advantage through market insights requires engagement beyond standard project delivery.  We work with clients that need extra tailored support for delivering key projects or providing ongoing insight support for delivering evidence-based strategies through-out their business.  

For clients looking to internally manage elements of their market research or customer feedback, we can provide both the initial set-up and the capability building training that is needed.  

Some ways we have helped clients

Immersion Programs

Having staff interview customers, provides a robust approach for your business to become more customer focussed and engaged with your market. Working with HR and Marketing, we can create programs for both re-engaging existing teams or create new to team onboarding programmes.  Our approach is to create a program that makes it easy for staff to engage with consumers in a way that helps them better understand customer experience and decision making.

Voice of the Customer

Sending out an automated ‘how likely are you to recommend’ survey every time a customer engages with your business, can have a severe negative impact on your customer relationships. Poorly designed, these surveys become spam that tells customers you only want to know if they would sell your product rather want to know their real feedback.  Our approach is to create for clients a VoC system that captures actionable feedback with a reporting system that shows real-time responses and alerts, and that also shows customers that you do want their real feedback.

Identifying Sources of Growth

We work with clients to review all sources of market insights available to them either from past research, tracking, sales or media data, to create a clear and concise understanding of what drives your market and sources of growth.  While the review may uncover gaps in your market understanding, our focus is on helping you get the best from what information that you have, and combining it with insights from others sources to eliminate market insight gaps.  By analysing your market from different sources of information, we can uncover deeper insights and the true drivers of growth in your market.  Identifying sources of growth is valuable as part of the development of strategy plans and new brand strategies.

Case Studies & Insights

How to do Market Research | A Practical Guide

Unless you are in a government backed monopoly that has no customer related performance requirements, then undertaking market research is important to your business. Market research brings the insights a business needs about the outside world into the business, so...

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Driving sales with customer experience

How can a mature business turn around their declining retail sales?  By creating a distinctive in-store customer experience that is based on a deep understanding of the customer journey that is distinctive and encourages customers to return. Businesses can always...

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Finding and communicating the right brand positioning

In a local market with over a hundred active competitors, and new competitors emerging almost daily, how does a banking service provider stand out from the crowd? By uncovering insights that drive the customer journey from moment that consider leaving a provider to...

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