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Creating successful relationships.

Rarely does a business operate independently in achieving its goals. Successful strategies and execution often need to include the role played by stakeholders, key influencers or the sales channel. We work with clients to understand what motivates and inhibits support for their organization’s products or services, and to develop strategies to improve support.

What we do

Stakeholder Audit

We work with clients to map out who are their stakeholder groups, the type of influence they have, the effect of current activity on support and what is needed to improve support.

Recommendation Tracking

We look at levels of recommendation, what drives this support and the impact of both client and competitors’ activity on this support.

Reputation Analysis

An organisation’s reputation frames how others interact with the organisation, their willingness to support them, and the impact of negative news on that support. We provide clients insights into what defines their reputation and develop metrics for evaluating and improving this reputation.

Case Studies & Insights

Building brand assets for packaging and online

What can a grocery brand do to stand out in the crowded weight management and supplements market with only a small budget?  By making sure that their brand maximises every opportunity by being distinctive, memorable and tells a relevant brand story. Our client’s brand...

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Cutting through the clutter to engage with GPs

How can a government agency clearly communicate and engage with doctors about training and staying up to date with the latest evidence-based practices?  By designing an approach that understood how medicine-related communication and training were prioritised, managed...

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Engaging with industry for course development

How can a vocational education provider meet industry needs and provide a pathway that will attract fee paying students?  By developing an offer that understands employer needs, market trends and what motivates students to commit to professional development. For a...

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