Consumer Goods & Retail

We work with consumer goods and retailing clients to uncover insights that build brands and grow market share.

Manufacturers and retailers of fast moving and durable consumer goods face ever changing challenges in engaging with consumers and customers. Changes on media usage, integration of online shopping and new entrants entering the market place and continuous pressure to innovate. With experience at each stage of the value chain we help companies uncover insights that have the power to transform their brands.

What we do in consumer goods & retail

  • Communication development, testing and evaluation;
  • Brand positioning and brand health;
  • Product development and market sizing;
  • Market segmentation and source of growth analysis;
  • Uncovering drivers of decision making and behaviour change;
  • Packaging design and evaluation;
  • Customer satisfaction, service delivery mapping and improvement;
  • Trade and stakeholder engagement.

Target markets we have worked with

  • Consumers and shoppers in adult and youth markets;
  • Trade sales staff;
  • Trade partners;
  • Internal sales staff.

Case Studies & Insights

Driving sales with customer experience

How can a mature business turn around their declining retail sales?  By creating a distinctive in-store customer experience that is based on a deep understanding of the customer journey that is distinctive and encourages customers to return. Businesses can always...

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Building brand assets for packaging and online

What can a grocery brand do to stand out in the crowded weight management and supplements market with only a small budget?  By making sure that their brand maximises every opportunity by being distinctive, memorable and tells a relevant brand story. Our client’s brand...

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Finding new insights to revitalise a mature category

How can a consumer goods and healthcare business breath new life into their dying brand?  By developing a strategy and product offer that is based on a clear understanding of the category from the consumers’ perspective, and how this really drives market penetration,...

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