How can a financial service firm with a growing number of products, and service channels know where to get the best return from improving customer experience?  By having a platform that tracks all the key experience moments with actionable metrics and live reporting.

Customer experience is built on the critical moments at the start of the relationship and when that service relationship changes.  Our client knew that just using vanity metrics like the Nett Promoter Score and then asking ‘why’ would not reliably uncover issues and provide direction with diagnostic insight. They had tried.

Our solution was to track customer experience for each of the key relationship moments that focussed behavioural and event context information. For key moments that did not require profile information, a feedback link was sent from our clients CRM system direct to customers.  Each survey included questions about key parts of the service experience, the decision context, and feedback on what our client needed to change and what they liked most about the experience.  Because we wanted customers to provide detailed feedback that was actionable and encourage them to assist with future requests, the average survey length was kept to under 5-minutes.  For customers that wanted follow-up, an email was sent directly to the service team.

So that our clients always knew how customers were experiencing their service, we provided live online reports for each moment of truth.  To allow deeper understanding and development of longer-term strategies on what drove service perceptions, we provided a regular dashboard report insights into what was driving the results.

Using the results from the tracking, our client has consistently improved levels of service in areas that deliver the maximum value to customers and has built and maintained a reputation for excellent customer service that drives word-of-mouth sales.