As a challenger data and telecommunications brand, our client knew they needed to create an exceptional customer experience to grow their business.  We knew that to design this exceptional experience they needed exceptional insights.

With a business that covered a wide range of products and channels, and that was rapidly changing industry, our client needed to understand their customers in a way that let them proactively drive customer experience, rather than follow competitors and react to their service innovations.

Becoming more proactive started with understanding the customer better than they knew themselves. After partnering with the customer experience teams to review what was already known in the business and how they service clients from sales to installation, activation, billing and servicing, we set about mapping the customer experience for each of the products, channels and markets at both an overall journey-level at for each of the moments of truth.  Those parts of the service experience that define the overall relationship and customers talk about with others.  From the customer experience journey mapping, we identified several issues our client could quickly resolve and provided insights that then went into service design for improving each stage from communicating the offer to fault rectification. The list of things to fix, and design opportunities were many and required prioritising and the effects evaluated before rolling across the business.

While we undertook additional research and evaluations of new customer experience initiatives, we implemented a new approach to tracking customer experience. Moving away from a framework that focussed on opinions and open-ended measures, we implemented an approach that reflected the customer’s journey and used behavioural measures.  This approach gave management a tool that provided a reliable evaluation of the changes they made to the customer experience and feedback that did not require additional tools to interpret. With clear interpretable measures, frontline staff were empowered to monitor and improve everyday service delivery.

The project helped turn around a customer service experience that was becoming a liability and leading to increased customer attrition, to an experience that was a strategic tool.  The project helped establish a culture that put customers experience at the centre of a client’s corporate culture and business model.