Taking the Temperature of the Residential Cooling and Heating Market

Actionable insights into the air conditioning market for building your business.

The household cooling and heating market is a competitive and dynamic market that is undergoing significant changes drive by new technology, energy sources, new competitors entering the market and changing climate patterns.

Growing your market share in this competitive environment requires actionable insights into what is driving decision making  at the household level, and how your brand and products are positioned in the market.

How your business will benefit from this study

The Residential Cooling and Heating Market Study is a national study of Australian households that will provide answers to key marketing and business questions.

  • Brand Positioning.  How does your brand’s performance compare to competitors?
  • Market Share.  What is your market share at the category and system level?
  • Segmentation.  Which market segments are your source of growth?
  • Growth.  Which markets can provide future growth?
  • Competitor Intelligence.  Who are your real competitors and why do consumers choose them?
  • Marketing.  Is your marketing getting cut-through?

Insights from this study will provide you and your team with the right knowledge to create more effective marketing strategy and communication material, provide input into product development and show your leadership to installers and trade.

After the benchmark study, each year the study will provide you with insights on the market is changing and what is driving trends in brand choice.

The markets and brands covered in the study

The cooling and heating market is defined by a wide range of solutions.  This study covers the major installation and system types.

  • Installation Type. Ducted, split system, window mounted, and portable
  • System Type. Reverse cycle, evaporative cooling, fan, gas and electrical heating

All major brands with either cooling and, or heating products are included in the study to provide a complete understanding of the market.

  • ActronAir
  • Bonaire
  • Brivis
  • Daikin
  • De’Longhi
  • Dimplex
  • Fujitsu
  • Hisense
  • Kambrook
  • Kelvinator
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi
  • Olimpia Splendid
  • Panasonic
  • Rinnai
  • Samsung
  • Seeley International

Insight areas covered by the study

By covering cooling and heating at the category, brand and household level, with for both current systems and intentions, the insights in this study will show you your market position and provide valuable input into strategy development.

Category Profile

Market insights start with a clear understanding of current market penetration and usage.  This section provides a benchmark data  of what households have, their usage and their perceptions its performance.


  • Current type of system and installation
  • Age of system
  • Usage and performance satisfaction

Brand Positioning and Profile

How is your brand positioned in the market, and how does it compare to competitors?  This section of the report shows you where your brand sits relative to competitors, how it is seen and whether or not they recall recently seeing either your or your competitors’ campaigns.


  • Brand share of category and comparable systems
  • Preference share
  • Brand health – awareness, consideration, image
  • Recent campaign awareness

Decision Making Criteria

Developing motivating communication strategies, competitive products, and developing your sales support material for installers and retailers needs a clear understanding of what really drives households decision to buy or upgrade their system.  This section of the report details what drives purchase decisions at the system and brand level.

  • System purchase intentions
  • Purchase trigger
  • System and brand level decision criteria
  • Impact of climate change and environment on decision making and usage

Market Segmentation and Buyer Profiles

How does the market profile for different systems, brands and usage patterns differ, and how can you use these insights to better target your communication?  This section of the report gives you actionable insights that you can use to define your current target market and who you should target to generate future growth.


  • Analysis by market segments
  • Demographic profile
  • Dwelling profile
  • Household energy sources (gas, solar)

Subscriber Section

Every business has unique insight and reporting needs.  The study includes a client specific insight section for bespoke measures that you need for strategy development or to meet internal reporting needs.

The reports that you will receive

The study includes the following forms of reporting:

  • Infographic overview report
  • Category and Brand report
  • Dynamic dashboard report
  • Presentation cover analysis and business implications

To address specific business needs, the Category and Brand reports would include a bespoke analysis.

About the data

The Australian Cooling and Heating Residential Survey is a national survey of n=2,000 households.  All interviews are conducted among household decision makers.  State and territory coverage are nationally representative for population, household size and age.

The post-summer study is planned for March and the post-Winter study is planned for August.   This post-season study design provides a clear picture of what buying was undertaken during the season, the impact marketing and seasonal factors, an any plans for between season installations by the market.

Reporting Costs

The costs for each study with full reporting is $6,700.  If you buy the summer report, the winter report is $6,000:  A $700 saving.  All costs exclude GST.

Contact Eris Strategy to find out more about this report and how we can support your business.

To download a pdf copy of the report and study information click this link:  Australian Residential Cooling and Heating Market Study.


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