Service & User Experience

The lasting memory customers have of your brand and company is of their service experience.

A well designed and managed customer experience drives business growth through improved retention, cross-selling, lower customer servicing costs, and customer acquisition from recommendations. From mapping the customer journey to monitoring performance, we work with clients to create a service experience that delivers outcomes.

What we do

Customer Journey Mapping

Mapping each stage of the customer journey from acquisition through to usage and exiting, we help create a customer centric approach and link touch points with business performance metrics.

Service Quality & Satisfaction

Whether understanding the impact of specific touch points or the overall relationship on future engagement, we provide insights and actionable recommendations.

Lost Customer Analysis

Understanding the predictors of attrition and the types of attrition that affect a business, we help clients uncover the issues and how to prevent lost sales.

User Experience (UX)

Working with consumers with a variety of techniques at different stages of website development, we help clients improve their online service delivery experience across devices.

Case Studies & Insights

Mapping and tracking the customer experience

As a challenger data and telecommunications brand, our client knew they needed to create an exceptional customer experience to grow their business.  We knew that to design this exceptional experience they needed exceptional insights. With a business that covered a...

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Driving sales with customer experience

How can a mature business turn around their declining retail sales?  By creating a distinctive in-store customer experience that is based on a deep understanding of the customer journey that is distinctive and encourages customers to return. Businesses can always...

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Cutting through the clutter to engage with GPs

How can a government agency clearly communicate and engage with doctors about training and staying up to date with the latest evidence-based practices?  By designing an approach that understood how medicine-related communication and training were prioritised, managed...

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