In a local market with over a hundred active competitors, and new competitors emerging almost daily, how does a banking service provider stand out from the crowd? By uncovering insights that drive the customer journey from moment that consider leaving a provider to when they choose to become a primary bank customer and those communication insights that would engage the market.

With their existing campaign not longer having any traction in the market, and competitors becoming more diverse and savvier with their messaging, out client needed a new campaign that would provide them with a platform for promoting their expanding product range and sustainable cut-through.

Our client knew what that wanted to achieve would not be easy.  Not only did they know their competitors would continue to aggressively promote their business, they knew internal stakeholders were anxious and likely pull campaign budget if sales goals were put at risk. Our solution was to help marketing engage the broader business by first speaking with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, and by conducting a though a review of all past brand and communications research.  We needed to learn from our client’s past successes and failures.  We also needed to learn from our competitors.

The initial review provided us with a wealth of insights about what drove category level behaviour, brand rejection and choice, and what drove behaviour at the product level choice.  Working with our client’s advertising agency, we developed the category and brand level insights into various positionings and tested them among the consumers our client needed to win over for the campaign to be a success.  To do this, we tested a wide range of positionings using an adcept approach in qualitative research.  This approach allowed us to explore a range of different ways of expressing similar positionings, and to quickly evolve the positionings until we had a one that conceptually tested well with key product markets and against competitors.

Our client needed a campaign that would give them cut-through, have clear branding, and to give them a platform for delivering different product and service messages that would drive consideration to leave their existing provider and consider our client.  Our research and consulting helped them deliver that outcome.