The lasting memory customers have of your brand and company is of their service experience.

A well designed and managed customer experience drives business growth through improved retention, cross-selling, lower customer servicing costs, and customer acquisition from recommendations. From mapping the customer journey to monitoring performance, we work with clients to create a service experience that delivers outcomes.

What We Do

Mapping each stage of the customer journey from acquisition through to usage and exiting, we help create a customer centric approach and link touch points with business performance metrics.
Whether understanding the impact of specific touch points or the overall relationship on future engagement, we provide insights and actionable recommendations.
Understanding the predictors of attrition and the types of attrition that affect a business, we help clients uncover the issues and how to prevent lost sales.
Working with consumers with a variety of techniques at different stages of website development, we help clients improve their online service delivery experience across devices.

Examples of What We Have Done

A wealth management client had grown rapidly both through organic growth and acquisitions and no longer had a clear journey for their customers. After mapping the customer journey used by different planners and different customer segments, we were able to show which journeys were achieving the strongest results in customer satisfaction and retention. These results led to formalised customer journey that was clearly linked to key performance indicators and tied to the service team’s remuneration.
A post-graduate education client was receiving negative anecdotal feedback from students on their experience, however, other sources indicated no issue. What was the true situation? After mapping the customer journey with the client we designed a survey that targeted students at each stage in their journey from pre-enrolment to alumni. Analysis showed that one area was the source of the majority of issues across segments and that changes in competitor’s offering was dramatically changing student expectations.
A health service client was losing customers but was unsure of how many, when and why. The first stage of the project was data analytics and modelling that showed when and how many customers dropped out, and also how to forecast future retention for a customer based on their buying behaviour. To understand what customers were dropping out we interviewed sales staff and customers. The results were incorporated with demographic and sales information for different stores and channels that clearly showed what drives attrition and how to improve retention rates. Results from the data analytics stage were used as part the client’s ongoing reporting benchmarks and for KPI setting.
Relaunching their website and apps our industrial service client needed to understand what type experience and features to give customers. Using a series of group discussions and depth interviews among customers, non-customers and the client’s service team we had participants show us how they used the current site and other systems for undertaking business. Using these insights on the user experience, our client redesigned their offer to have a more intuitive design that incorporated customers prior behaviour to deliver a faster experience and that drew attention to other service offerings more effectively.

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