Linking Service Delivery to Customer Behaviour

What drives customer retention and repeat buying? Having the
right product at the right price is definitely key in keeping your customers. However, when products are easily substituted and prices are competitive it is the service experience that can create your sustainable competitive advantage.
It is the importance of customer service experience to a company’s success […]

Improving Your Research with the EAST Framework

In a previous posting I discussed how the EAST framework, built from behavioural economics, can help diagnose compliance problems and be used to increase the number of your customers. In this post I’m going to show how I use the framework for fine tuning research design to improve response rates in both qualitative and quantitative […]

Using the EAST Framework to Improve Uptake and Compliance

You have the product that you know customers will want, the price 
is right, you have distribution, and the advertising achieved that all important top quartile result. So where are all the sales? Likewise, your charity is just and your name is known but people are not making donations.
Public policy in recent years has gotten the […]

Karen Does Kano (analysis)

Watching her Wednesday night drama on TV with a glass of red in one hand, Karen noticed a new TVC for a bank she had seen recently in an emag that morning. And it got her thinking. The interest rate for the account was competitive; the better the interest rate the more interested she was. […]

What Is At The Centre of Your Business?

“The fastest way to go bankrupt is to do what your customers say”.
This was the advice given to me by one of my first managers when I first became a research consultant. At face value this was odd advice to give. After all wasn’t our job to listen to what customers wanted and to […]


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