What Drives Your Market Research Costs?

When you know the cost drivers of any business you put yourself in a position where you can get the best by investing where you will get the best outcome.  The same is also true when you commission market research or undertake it internally.  Understanding cost drivers means you can feel more confident that when you are commissioning research […]

Building Strong Brand Assets

Since the first person scratched their mark on a pottery bowl successful businesses and marketers have known the power of branding.  Branding helps consumers identify their products in a crowded market, signify the quality and product experience, and for a few select brands can become a key part of the product in their own right. […]

Uncovering the Right Brand Expression: Building a Brand Positioning

Branding has many functions that go beyond its most basic requirement of identification of a product.  Branding when done well frames what consumers can expect from a product and can become an important part of the proposition itself.  While creating a brand experience independent of the product is not always the goal of marketing, creating […]

Using Insights to Build a Customer Centric Business

Becoming a customer centric business seems simple enough in principle; keep your customers at the centre of your business decision making.  What that means in practice is something else.  Among the many reasons business fail to become customer centric is that their customer understanding does reflect what drives customer behaviour.  Customer insights, however, provide a […]

Going Mobile with Market Research

Mobile devices are increasingly used to complete surveys that were traditionally completed on personal computer.  In a number of our recent general population studies the proportion of people completing a survey with a mobile device is 25% to 30% and with 69% of adults having a smartphone the proportion using their smartphone to complete a […]

Understanding and Using Consumer Behaviour Rituals in Marketing

When you think of ritual behaviour what comes to mind?  Maybe it is the ancient chants and symbolic behaviour of priests or other religious figures or maybe the quaint traditions of people in some idyllic holiday location.  Chances are you did not think of how you make tea or coffee, or how you may make your […]

What If Market Research Reports used Click Bait Titles?

In the past few years the insight industry has looked at debated almost every facet of what we do in order to better understand consumers and deliver insights that are actionable and engaging.  We have looked at how to tell better stories, how to better visualisation the data, better use of mobile technology, why we should […]

How to Write a Market Research Brief that Delivers Actionable Results

David Ogilvy’s quote of “give me the freedom of a tight brief” is as
true for market research briefs as it is for advertising.  It is hard to doubt the importance of writing a brief both for the agency and for yourself.  Yet they take up precious time needed to get other things done and can […]

Seven Ways To Get The Best From Your Brand Tracking

Brand tracking studies, whether done continuously or periodically, represent one of the largest research investments a company makes. With such a large investment and with outcomes that impact significant investment decisions, it is critical that companies maximise the potential for insights they receive from their research that deliver competitive advantage and brand growth.
Based on experience as both […]

Understanding Emotional Engagement In Your Advertising

Sitting comfortable at home, Karen sat looking at an advert on her laptop. The advert was like many others; there was a voice over, various people playing out some scene, a pack shot and then the advert ended and so did a little red light at the top of her screen. Karen then clicked a button […]


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