Building Strong Brand Assets

Since the first person scratched their mark on a pottery bowl successful businesses and marketers have known the power of branding.  Branding helps consumers identify their products in a crowded market, signify the quality and product experience, and for a few select brands can become a key part of the product in their own right. […]

Uncovering the Right Brand Expression: Building a Brand Positioning

Branding has many functions that go beyond its most basic requirement of identification of a product.  Branding when done well frames what consumers can expect from a product and can become an important part of the proposition itself.  While creating a brand experience independent of the product is not always the goal of marketing, creating […]

How Perceptions of Risk Shape Brand Choice

Brand choice is about prediction.  What will the brand deliver? While a brand could deliver many things, rarely is anything certain.  Consumers know this, and where there is uncertainty it is a driver of many of their emotions during and after making a decision.   While a consumer may not always voice their choices in terms of […]

Using Insights to Build a Customer Centric Business

Becoming a customer centric business seems simple enough in principle; keep your customers at the centre of your business decision making.  What that means in practice is something else.  Among the many reasons business fail to become customer centric is that their customer understanding does reflect what drives customer behaviour.  Customer insights, however, provide a […]

Understanding and Using Consumer Behaviour Rituals in Marketing

When you think of ritual behaviour what comes to mind?  Maybe it is the ancient chants and symbolic behaviour of priests or other religious figures or maybe the quaint traditions of people in some idyllic holiday location.  Chances are you did not think of how you make tea or coffee, or how you may make your […]

A Snag in Australian Made

Helena Ngo, Brand & Marketing Consultant writes
Clean water. Clean air. Wide open spaces. Whimsy descriptions they are, but true for our country. It is seemingly untarnished; with foreign companies more than happy to buy everything from our farmland to our food manufacturers. The Australian brand is of great value to others but apparently not to Australians, […]

This Time with Feeling: How to succeed with ‘Australian Made’

It seems there are few topics more divisive in marketing strategy
than promoting a brand as ‘Australian Made’. For many marketers it smacks of desperation and Bogan pride. While on the client side I’d hear agency planners and marketers claim that Australians had moved beyond it. Many successful businesses know otherwise.
When employment is up and the […]

What Type Of Relationship Do You Have With Your Market?

A friend of many years helps you to re-turf and landscape the backyard over the long weekend. As a sign of your appreciation you decide to give $100 for the effort. After all spent his time and incurred costs to help you. Smart move? Surely your friend would appreciate the cash. Even economists know you’re a dill. […]


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