Great brands are made over time through insight, creativity and consistent marketing.

Through messaging, media selection communication and packaging, a distinctive brand is an asset that magnifies the benefits of other business activity, providing a source of sustainable advantage. We work with our clients to help them create and manage distinctive brands with insights that uncover the right positioning and communication strategy.

Using the latest in biometrics we help. clients to understand how to best emotionally engage with their communication.

What We Do

Working with clients to understand how to create a distinctive positioning for their brands through understanding how the market sees their brand and which potential alternative approaches are the most motivating to engage and increase preference.
Brand assets are those things that identify your brand and its meaning. When used well consumers quickly know who you are; delivering improved communication effectiveness. We help clients to find, develop, manage and give meaning to their brand assets.
We help clients at each stage of creative development. Providing actionable recommendations for strategy and tactical creative improvements. Our pre-testing approaches use the latest biometric technology to understand moment by moment how consumers engage with their communication.
Packaging and design is the major form of communication for many products. We help clients create packaging that gets attention and communicates the brand positioning.
We help clients establish metrics and to understand the impact of the campaigns on their brand and business performance.

Examples of What We Have Done

Facing growing competition and declining growth in enrollment for one of their main faculties, our education client wanted to understand how different student and employer markets saw their brand and sub-brands (schools, centres, and services). Depth interviews were undertaken to allow us to use more advanced qualitative techniques, including adcepts and laddering, to get past basic issues of reputation and course availability to understand the ideal emotional positioning.
After a number of campaigns, pack designs, and corporate changes our consumer goods client’s brand identity was no longer clear even to management. After undertaking an audit of all the marketing material for the client and key competitors, we identified the potential candidate branding elements, such as colour, logos, graphic devices, and sounds common across different areas or activities. This material was then taken into qualitative research to understand their branding and story potential. As a final stage we then undertook quantitative study that used a combination of brand association and speed of association to determine the critical devices to brand identification. Our results lead a more consistent branding strategy across their products and service delivery channels.
Following a previous successful campaign that was no longer delivering growth our financial services client wanted to take a new creative direction. The first stages of the research helped develop and select the campaign approach from a range of competing approaches using group discussions, which was followed by quantitative pre-testing using facial coding to understand the potential impact and to refine the creative before launch. The new campaign went on to grow new accounts and increase deposits from existing customers, and deliver more consistent creative across channels.
When an over-the-counter healthcare manufacturer needed their brand to stand out in both supermarket and pharmacy environments, we teamed up with a design agency to deliver a disruptive design that could also be leveraged in advertising creative. After an initial internal workshop stage, that incorporated earlier research and were used to define what the brand needed to communicate, the designs were evaluated in focus groups to ensure they communicated the brand position, followed by in-store testing for context and trade acceptance, followed by testing the final contenders at different price points as part of price optimisation stage for the re-launch.
With multiple brands across different categories our client needed a continuous tracker that not only allowed them to evaluate campaign performance as part of the media agencies remuneration but to also provide category level insights for source of growth strategy input and evaluation of their broader corporate strategy. In addition to the survey based measures we also included media spend and internal data to show ROI against different metrics.

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